How To Reject Clients When You Are An Escort

How To Reject Clients When You Are An Escort

August 23, 2019 Off By Uriel

When you an escort who is a professional in the escorting world, you will probably be with an agency. When you are with an agency, they will do the filtering and also the background checks and what not to make sure that you don’t receive a bad client who treats you badly or makes you feel bad when giving you the money. There are some incredibly horrible people out there, and the agency will certainly make sure that you do not get to be of service to someone like that. Its important that personaly hygiene is taken seriously by both clients and Birmingham escorts.

Rejection is a big part of the Birmingham escort industry; people do get rejected left and right in the industry. The rejection comes from escorts and clients as well. Some escorts who are independently working have been known to reject clients when they don’t feel that the chemistry is right. Some clients have also been known to reject clients when they meet with the escort, and they find that they don’t exactly like her/him. Rejection is always hard to handle and will undoubtedly end up hurting you sometimes. Some of these reasons are probably within your control, while the other reasons can certainly not be in your control.

Here are some ways you can reject a client or an escort that you don’t really like, without making it too obvious that you don’t want them.

–    Make some excuses that are believable. Don’t make it so that they can see through the bullshit. Tell them that it is not going to work out because your agency urgently requires you or that you have a family emergency. If you are a client and you don’t like an escort, you should say that a friend or a relative requires you immediately and when you are leaving, make sure that you tip them a little for wasting their time. I am sure there are much better ways of rejecting someone, when you do, make it believable.

–    If you are not happy with the way that a client is treating you, you can just “do the disappearing” trick and ghost them. Some clients feel that they have a sense of ownership over the client when they hire them, just because they are paying them. I feel that it is very unfair, and no human should ever be treated in such a way.

–    The best thing to do would be to actually explain why you are rejecting the said client. All you have to do is be honest with them. That way, you will be giving them some feedback about what is wrong about them or what you would like to be different, so that they can be different with other Birmingham escorts.