Wednesday August 31, 2005 05:09 PM

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The Coondogs Network features

● Coondogs
● Stud dogs
● Puppies
● Unique coonhound businesses
● Coon hunting supplies
● Coonhound organizations

There are six main Coonhound breeds classified by UKC (United Kennel Club):
Black & Tan,Bluetick ,English ,Plott ,Redbone ,Treeing Walker

The Coondogs Network Website is made of special Coondog sections, navigate by using upper & Left side  navigation buttons.

Dogs @Stud will take you to the coonhound stud dogs divided into the coonhound breeds of the site and then the breed page has individual coondog stud dogs featured in Coondogs.net.

Dogs For Sale lists all of the members with coondogs for sale.

Products-Coondogs Business has all of the companies that has stuff for sale to coon hunters and for coonhounds, unique coondog gifts, coon hunting lights, dog tracking equipment, dog boxes, all kinds of coondog stuff.

Coonhound Organizations include their newsletter, nite hunt rules, bench show rules, coondog championship offerings, and coonhunting opportunities.

Coondogs Library section includes stuff on coon hunting results, training coonhounds, coon dog health, coonhunting news. You will also find hunting books, dog training in the Coondogs Library.  

There are a lot of coonhunters that are using the UKC recognized Cur breed for coonhunting also.  However, any dog, not just coonhounds, can be a coondog.  A coondog is a dog that trees coon while coonhunting. So whether the coondog or coonhound is used by a coonhunter for coonhunting in the  coonhunt or the coonhound is a house pet, coondogs are COOL!

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